By identifying your specific needs, and combining market trends and developments, we work jointly with you towards the optimal solution for your individual application.

Be it InsideCut, EasyPeelPoint or our proven Rapid Air Forming system, owing to well-thought innovative technologies, SEALPAC equipment offers numerous advantages in any sector.

As a food manufacturer you benefit from the highest level of precision, performance and efficiency. At retail level, improved shelf life, simplified logistical handling and increased attractiveness will lead to more sales.
This makes SEALPAC machines the number one choice in fully automated food packaging, regardless of the market segment.

Furthermore, continuous development of our technologies ensures that you will be able to react quickly to the constantly changing market.

The best packaging for your fresh produce

The specific metabolic processes that occur in fruits and vegetables convert oxygen into CO2. These must be controlled to prevent fresh produce from drying out or spoiling. Our innovative E-MAP system (Equilibrium Modified Atmosphere Packaging), an evolution of the common MAP process, keeps the oxygen content in the fresh fruit or vegetable pack at the favourable level of 2 to 6 percent. High-tech films provide controlled oxygen permeability and are precisely tailored to the specific breathing characteristics of each product.

This results in a permanently optimized atmosphere inside the pack, so your product will impress with best taste, pleasant aroma and an appetizingly fresh appearance.

Upgrade your packaging with a new revolutionary opening aid

The EasyPeelPoint system moves the peel corner within the contours of the pack and facilitates easy opening of a sealed tray or thermoformed pack. The corner of the top film is pressed into a round cavity and thus lifted from the sealing edge, after which the easy-to-grip film can be removed with minimal effort.

The EasyPeelPoint system is suitable for all common packaging formats, leaves standard sizes unchanged and therefore does not affect any existing procedures or logistical requirements. Furthermore, it avoids costly changes in the cutting line of the machine and will solve the cold sealing issue common to thermoforming applications.

The self-explanatory opening method can be applied on all common SEALPAC traysealers and thermoformers.

Precise film cut for a perfect and attractive appearance

All conceivable tray shapes and sizes can be sealed immaculately and securely on SEALPAC’s traysealers.
By applying our proven InsideCut system – a SEALPAC development – the top film is sealed to perfection within the edges of the tray, resulting in an outstanding presentation.

Contour cutting
Flexible film vacuum packs with contour cutting keep your product in shape

Even irregularly shaped food products, such as ring sausages, can be presented with the highest appeal in a precisely cut flexible film pack.

The cutting system follows the contours of the product, such as triangular cheeses or round pizzas, and provides a stable and visually appealing pack.

Highly transparent barrier films keep the contents fresh for longer and provide an appetizing presentation at retail.

Modified atmosphere packaging – even faster, fresher and with more appeal

SEALPAC’s exclusively developed MAP+ vacuum and gas system guarantees reduced product exposure, shorter cycle times, consistent gas values and reduced gas consumption when packing your fresh products.

Modern MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) processes maintain the appetising colour of your product for longer and provide the best appearance. Oxygen, which causes red meat to change colour inside the pack, is removed in the process and replaced by a special gas mixture that forms a protective atmosphere around the contents. As a result, the shelf life of the products is extended, and the appetizing red colour of meat is maintained.

Rapid Air Forming
Energy saving in thermoforming technology

Our thermoforming technology utilises the unique Rapid Air Forming system, which replaces the traditional stamp mechanism and achieves an improved forming consistency, particularly in the corners of the pack.
Higher outputs due to shorter vacuum and ventilation times, as well as the possibility to use thinner materials, make your production even more profitable. 

Gentle evacuation for sensitive products

SoftVacuum allows you to control the vacuum process in full detail according to pre-determined specifications by means of servo driven smart valves. This feature is ideal for soft or sensitive products, such as marinated meat or potatoes with sauce, which are protected from exposure and deformation.

The protective SoftVacuum technology ensures first-class product quality at a significantly extended shelf life.