Whether an entry-level or high-performance model, whether a small or large enterprise, whether fresh meat, baked goods or convenience products – SEALPAC packaging equipment is designed for the highest level of flexibility.

As such they enable a multitude of applications. From standard technologies such as MAP+, to complex solutions such as MicVac® and ShrinkStyle for more sophisticated products.

SEALPAC continuously sets new standards, particularly in fresh food applications. Innovative solutions, such as TraySkin® and TenderPac® not only provide greater product safety, longer shelf life and optimal maturation processes, they also ensure efficient production, numerous logistical advantages and attractive presentation at retail.

No matter which SEALPAC machine you choose – you will benefit in every respect.

A striking presentation of your brand

Bestfresh® stands for individual, attractively shaped packaging that can be designed to the contours of your product. 

Your benefits with Bestfresh®:

  • Hermetic seal: even for unusual packaging formats
  • Immaculate appearance: first-class presentation due to the InsideCut system
  • Extended shelf life: optional sealing under MAP
  • Best logistics: problem-free denesting in an automated packaging process
  • Eye-catching appearance: strikingly shaped packaging
  • Improved branding and customer loyalty: powerful marketing tool – guaranteed uniqueness thanks to excellent printability and protected design

Product applications: cold cuts, cheeses, whole sausages or meat spreads.

Our innovative response to modern convenience solutions

The DaybyDay concept offers separately packed single portions, which hang together like a chain. Each securely sealed cavity can be removed from the other with minimum force by means of a perfectly cut perforation, to allow for daily consumption of fresh products.

The practical DaybyDay solution can be used for various portion sizes, hence allowing it to be applied in numerous market segments – be it wet or dry products. One can think of sliced meat and cheese products, snacks, but also pet food or pharmaceutical products.

DaybyDay portion-packs are made with thermoforming technology on SEALPAC’s RE-series thermoformers and can be presented at retail both hanging or folded together in a carton sleeve.

Gentle steam cooking and convenient handling

With innovative technologies and materials we achieve modern steam cooking solutions for your fresh convenience products, which offer quick and easy handling while maintaining quality and taste.

Your benefits with Dream-Steam®:

  • Innovative system: a prefabricated valve is integrated into the top film to regulate the steam pressure
  • Greatest convenience: steam cooking without having to unpack the product
  • Highest product quality: gentle cooking process conserves the flavours and preserves the nutrients
  • Time-saving handling: shortest cooking times with the best heating of the product

Product applications: microwavable convenience products for consumers, wholesalers and catering.

Dream-Steam® is a registered trademark of Delice Competence GmbH.

More is Less

SEALPAC’s unique EasyLid® packaging system, developed in close cooperation with Naber Plastics, provides a hermetic seal and full lid function in just one sealing process.
As such, SEALPAC not only creates the optimal requirements for consumer-friendly packaging, but also takes on responsibility in terms of sustainability.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Highly reliable lid solution without separate snap-on lid
  • Significant savings in packaging materials and weight
  • Reduction in transport and storage costs
  • No additional lidding process, so savings on personnel and/or lidding system
  • True packaging innovation at retail with a clear sustainability message

Product applications: from antipasti, meat spreads, delicacies, salads and snacks up to confectionary

EasyLid® is a registered trademark of Sealpac GmbH and Naber Plastics B.V.

Less plastic, more communication and 100% reliable

eTray® by SEALPAC is an innovative and sustainable packaging. solution for meat, poultry, seafood and convenience products under modified atmosphere. The high-quality cardboard base, which can be fully printed on the inside and outside, hence allowing for attractive designs and offering plenty of space for communication, has a plastic inner layer that purely provides the sealing and barrier function. The trick: easy separation of materials after use.


  • Sealing under MAP with 100% process security
  • Up to 40% reduction in plastic compared to common MAP trays
  • Significant increase in communication potential
  • Easy recycling through separation of materials

eTray® Factsheet

Ecologically convincing - a real innovation

The FlatSkin® system uses a cardboard carrier made from bleached or unbleached fibre*, which can be printed on both sides by means of low-migration printing inks and varnishes. Each carrier is coated with a polymeric protective layer. A highly transparent barrier skin film fixates the product directly onto its flat support, which allows for excellent vertical presentation. A peel tab simplifies the opening of the skin pack. After taking out the product, the thin polymeric layer is easily removed from the cardboard to allow for separate disposal. That is why FlatSkin® convinces in terms of sustainability. Safely, durably and attractively packaged under deep vacuum: FlatSkin® is suitable for a wide range of product segments. Whether sausages, cheese, fresh meat, poultry, seafood or vegetarian foods – this revolutionary vacuum packaging will turn each of those products into a highlight at retail.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Ecological: up to 70% less plastic
  • Securely fixated with tight-fitting skin film
  • Deep vacuum, clearly longer shelf life
  • Fully separable in plastic and cardboard
  • Optimal branding owing to the two-sided printing of the product carrier

FlatSkin Factsheet

Flexible film vacuum packs
Efficient and functional

Flexible films for products packaged under vacuum often are a cost-effective solution. Such a pack produced with thermoforming technology provides optimal protection and maximum shelf life for its contents. It can also be used, depending on the films applied, for post-pasteurised products.

Flexible film vacuum packs are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as vegetables (e.g. corn, potatoes, beetroot), sausages and other meat products.

Practical trays for hot and cold filling

SEALPAC developed its SealCup® tray-sealing technology specifically for oxygen-sensitive, spreadable products. These products will remain fresh longer in the tray, whilst the SealCup® system ensures optimal colour retention.

Our SEALPAC MAP+ system ensures that residual oxygen levels are reduced below 0.3%, thus solving most discolouration and curing issues. The SealCup® system with its peelable top film and consumer-friendly resealable lid can be used for a variety of sizes and shapes. It provides an ideal opportunity for differentiated branding and gives your product an attractive, eye-catching presence in the refrigerated section.

Brochure SealCup® PDF

Sealpac Duo®
Maximum flexibility without changeover times

With SEALPAC Duo®, you are able to seal two different packs in one operation with just a single tooling. In addition, the SEALPAC Duo® concept increases flexibility by providing the possibility of separate use. By means of a handle, each sealing package can be activated or deactivated, so that the two formats may be produced simultaneously or one after the other.

SEALPAC Duo® can be applied on all of SEALPAC’s A-series traysealers. It is perfectly tuned to multi-component packs, such as ready meals and snacks, which need to be sealed individually. With SEALPAC Duo® you minimize changeover times and increase the efficiency of your packaging process with the greatest degree of production flexibility.

Controlled shrink packaging process, perfect fit

ShrinkStyle is SEALPAC’s fully automated packaging system that combines the benefits of thermoforming and shrink bag technology whilst achieving best product protection. This newly developed technology starts with the forming of the bottom film, after which the product is then loaded, evacuated and sealed using high-precision technology.

Your benefits with ShrinkStyle:

  • Best product protection: contamination-free seals ensure excellent pack security
  • Excellent quality: long-lasting freshness and extended shelf life
  • Optimal maturation: special films can be used for post-maturation
  • Increased productivity: efficient combination of two proven processes
  • Outstanding appearance: highly transparent shrink films with perfect fit
  • Broad selection of films: from high-quality shrink films to cost-effective PA/PE materials
  • Easy handling: optional opening aids
  • Profitable and sustainable solution: reduces costs and preserves resources due to economical use of materials

Product applications: large pieces of meat, whole roasts, hams and poultry, pizzas, and cheeses.

Eye-catching home-made look

Fully automatic processing with highest product protection – and yet your product looks traditionally hand-packaged with SkirtAll®. The system makes you stand out from the masses on offer.

Your benefits with SkirtAll®:

  • Tradition and innovation: hand-made appearance with the hygienic benefits of an advanced, fully automated packaging process
  • Eye-catching appearance: striking packs with unlimited design options
  • Improved branding and customer loyalty: powerful marketing tool with high recognition rates

SkirtAll® is a registered trademark of Abarka packaging solutions b.v.

Best meat quality, appetizing appearance

For a long time, meat maturation and presentation in case-ready format was not possible without repackaging. The negative influences on appearance and shelf life were too high. Our completely new TenderPac® system has now opened the door to direct meat maturation. A two-compartment system provides for separation of the process-related meat juices and the actual meat product.

TenderPac® helps give your product a delicate texture and the best meat flavour by controlled maturation. Its appetizing presentation will be a real eye-catcher at retail. The patented ActiveStick serves as a juice absorber and can be used for additional communication purposes.

TenderPac® benefits at a glance:

  • Controlled maturation: delicate texture and the best meat flavour – without repackaging
  • Maximum shelf life: best colour retention, optimal maturation process
  • Appetising appearance: the customer gets a real piece of meat without drip-loss
  • Hygienic storage: meat juices and residual oxygen are absorbed by the patented ActiveStick
  • Problem-free handling: fully functional system, whether stored or presented vertically or horizontally
  • Greatest product protection: safe and durable packaging
  • Reduced costs: no repackaging from bulk packs to the case-ready format

Product applications: red meat.

Solid packaging with second-skin appearance

Thermoskin® packaging, which is produced automatically under deep vacuum, fits the contours of your products perfectly. Even challenging and sharp-edged food items, also when placed above the sealing edge, can be sealed to perfection.

Your benefits with Thermoskin®:

  • Greatest product protection: extended shelf life, improved colour retention
  • Firm positioning: reduced drip-less or moving of content
  • Secure packaging: absolutely tight seal
  • Attractive appearance: highly transparent films, which fit like a second skin
  • Optimised logistics: excellently stackable with optional second top film
  • Eye-catching presentation: vertical or hanging presentation possible

Product applications: meat, poultry, (frozen) seafood.

Long-lasting freshness and improved shelf life

With TraySkin®, a highly transparent barrier skin film seals your product directly in the tray. A second top film to create additional head space is optional.

Your benefits with TraySkin®:

  • Best product protection: reduced drip-less or moving of content
  • Controlled maturation: special films can be used for post-maturation
  • Head room for extras: additional top film creates a second compartment for extras such as recipes, seasonings or in-pack promotions (MAP optional)
  • User-friendly: optional use of peelable film and peel tab for easy opening
  • Attractive presentation: suitable for vertical or hanging presentation at retail
  • Best logistics: problem-free labelling and excellent stackability when applying a second top film

Product applications: beef, marinated grill items and ready meals.