Our recipe for success: ongoing innovations and a keen sense of current trends form the starting point for our research and development activities.

At the same time, we always focus on benefits for the end user.
This is how we have won over many customers from the most varied industries. Products made by SEALPAC have become firmly established in many markets.

Bakery products
Whether bread, pastries or pre-baked goods – the industrial production of bakery products is one of the most challenging tasks in the food industry.

Freshness, quality and an almost unlimited variety in products and packaging formats present continuous challenges to packaging technology.
Even highly sensitive products have to be packaged both quickly and precisely. In addition, the rising trend towards more convenience increases the need for innovative packaging solutions.
Thanks to years of experience and technical expertise, SEALPAC offers the right solution for every occasion – always tailor-made, efficient and with the highest possible output.


Sandwiches on the go, fresh-cut fruits or complete ready meals – the growing number of single households continues to dominate the market for convenience foods. This also provides new challenges to packaging technology. For example in the handling of processed products, such as fruits and vegetables, marinated meats or ready meals.

In addition to highest precision, performance, and the best hygienic properties, there is a particular need for maximised flexibility to respond to ever existing requests for new products and innovations. Rely on SEALPAC technology - and benefit from the highest convenience in packaging.


The days when fish was served only on Fridays are thankfully long gone. The increased demands of consumers, combined with their grown awareness of a healthy and balanced food diet, have made seafood consumption rise to unimagined heights. Whether fresh, smoked or marinated – seafood are on everyone's lips.

Modern packaging technology is required to be successful in this market, be it to ensure prolonged freshness through Modified Atmosphere Packaging or to set up flexible packaging lines to respond quickly to changes in case-ready packaging formats.

With innovative, high-performance traysealers and thermoformers from SEALPAC you will be able to meet these requirements and achieve long-term success in the seafood market segment.


Whether ShrinkStyle, TraySkin® or MAP - the lion's share of fresh meat now goes to retailers in high-quality packaging. At the same time, this packaging is subject to a wide variety of requirements.

While aspects such as food safety, protection and efficiency are highly demanded by manufacturers, retailers want durability, logistical advantages and an attractive pack appearance – as the consumer’s decision to buy from an ever growing product range on the retail shelves is increasingly influenced by product appeal. All these aspects are given equal consideration in the development of our packaging equipment. By choosing SEALPAC, you can rest assured that you have a solid investment for the future, which allows you to respond to the changing market demands.


Whether juicy tomatoes, crisp peppers, or pickled aubergines – fresh vegetables set the hearts of food lovers on fire. In order to achieve the best possible presentation at retail, it all depends on choosing the right packaging. Intelligent packaging systems significantly extend the shelf life of fresh vegetables, enhance their attractiveness and thus the consumer’s incentive to buy.

Other benefits include greater efficiency in the production process, improved handling through stackability, and increased convenience for consumers due to resealable packaging and ready-to-eat portions.

Sustainable materials also enhance the ecological properties of products. All these advantages are combined in SEALPAC packaging solutions, allowing you to grow your vegetable business.


Given the increasing awareness of health and nutrition, fresh poultry is enjoying great popularity among consumers. In addition, there is an unmatched variety of options for preparation. Whether smoked turkey breast, delicious chicken thighs or marinated skewers – healthy pleasure knows no limits.

The challenges to packaging technology are just as varied. The trend is increasingly moving towards packaged poultry specialities for self-service and a wide variety of convenience products. In addition, it is highly important to optimise shelf life through innovative solutions and to attractively present sophisticated products like marinated chicken at retail. With years of experience we can offer solutions that will help your business take off – from MAP through ShrinkStyle to TraySkin®.

Processed Meat

Nicely cut, attractively packaged and ready to go – more and more consumers are reaching for self-service processed meat products. This applies to cold cuts, as well as to sausages. In addition, there are meat spreads in a wide variety of pack sizes and shapes. Here, the main goal is to ensure freshness, hygiene, colour retention and safety. In addition, the visual appearance and quality of the pack really make a difference at retail.
We have developed a variety of innovative solutions to meet these demands. Be it MAP or shrink packaging, easy opening, resealable packaging or environmentally friendly materials, SEALPAC continuously sets new standards for greater success in the refrigerated section.


Tasty cream cheese from France or feta cheese from the home of the gods – the world of cheese provides an array of pleasurable moments. Among the most important developments in this industry is the trend towards convenience - sliced products are now standard in the case-ready segment. Moreover, there is a demand for resealable packaging and unusual pack shapes, such as triangular cheeses or even cheese bells.

As with all other demanding food products, the packaging of cheese is critical for its freshness, shelf life and convenience in handling. Whether thermoforming or tray-sealing – with SEALPAC packaging equipment your cheese is always market-ready.


Whether trays or vacuum packaging, bulk sizes or portion-packs – with snacks and nuts SEALPAC packaging machines show their strengths to the full. As nuts are highly sensitive products, sealing quality is of the highest importance, regardless of the packaging format. In addition, product quality needs to be protected and shelf life extended by applying complex solutions such as MAP.

SEALPAC has developed systems that can be used to solve the toughest packaging dilemmas - and that can be quickly, easily and effectively integrated into existing process chains regardless of company size.


Fresh fruits are not only among the healthiest foods, they are also by far the most sensitive. Hence packaging plays an important role, especially in the regulation of natural metabolic processes. We have developed innovative processes to ensure that the fruit does not dry out or spoil.
With E-MAP, for example, the oxygen content inside the pack is maintained permanently at an optimum level of 2 to 6 percent.
In addition, high-tech films provide controlled oxygen permeability tailored to the specific breathing properties of each product and ensures a lasting optimal atmosphere inside the package.
This significantly extends the freshness and shelf life of fresh fruits, allowing you to optimise your harvest in the market.


Packaging of confectionery probably stimulates the desire to buy more than in any other food segment. Whether chocolate or biscuits – they have to be treats for the eye. Besides visual appeal, the packaging of confectionery has to fulfill other functions as well.
It is important to ensure lasting freshness and quality through advanced developments.
This aspect is of crucial importance for speciality products in the upper market segment.
In addition, there is the sensitivity of confectionery, which requires special care during the packaging process. Innovative packaging systems from SEALPAC meet each of these requirements, allowing for smooth production processes and a sweet turnover.

Pet food

Whether dogs, cats or rabbits – pets are among people's dearest friends, which are pampered in every way possible. This has led to a wide variety of wet and dry food, treats and other pet food in appropriate portion sizes. There is no question that this trend brings new demands with regard to packaging. Effective barriers against water vapour and oxygen are as important as sterile packaging and effective MAP processes.

SEALPAC traysealers and thermoformers also offer other advantages, such as a quick tooling exchange for different formats, the production of unusual, eye-catching pack shapes, and a wide performance range for all market requirements. With this portfolio producers are prepared for all future developments.