It is our ambition and our motivation to always perform better. Therefore SEALPAC’s goals should not be measured in numbers, such as how many of our machines are in use in how many countries, or if the turnover of our company is higher compared to others. Because we do not want to be the biggest in the market, but the best for our customers, so that they can rest assured we will always treat any of their concerns as our top priority. Our experienced and skilled team of specialists will provide comprehensive consulting services – from planning a new production facility to training your staff.

This blend of technological expertise, many years of experience, personal advice and a keen sense of your needs is what makes SEALPAC unique – and that's what we aim to offer to you: simply the best.

The company
Our expertise – for your success

It began with an idea – and our ambition to set new standards in the field of industrial food packaging. To not only meet but exceed this goal, over our many years in the business we have developed know-how that is both comprehensive and specific. This expertise enables us to implement cutting-edge solutions for you while driving technical developments. Flexibility, productivity and effectiveness are always at the forefront. As such, our solutions are distinguished by characteristics that have rarely been achieved before – in terms of quality and freshness, with optimal opening properties, as well as in terms of hygiene and sustainability.

In short: we develop precision solutions, as if we were going to package our own products. Regardless of the application or performance category – and always aiming at increasing your productivity.

Sealpac Quality
Our quality – your guarantee

Developed in Germany – what technology-based company would not be proud of this label? In fact, it is a hallmark like no other of proven and reliable quality. We are sincerely committed to the high standards applied to our technology.

The very high degree of in-house production alone gives us precise control over the quality of our products. In addition, both our development and service offerings are regularly audited by external and independent institutions.

Thus you can rely on technology that was developed to function even under the harshest conditions.
Because that is the only way to ensure long-term productivity. 

Sealpac Innovation
Our innovations – the driving force of progress

Whether our InsideCut system, Zero Point Technology or Rapid Air Forming system – the list of innovations we have developed over the years is long. On one hand we respond to the ever-changing demands with regard to modern food packaging, on the other hand we drive the optimisation of packaging technology forward and thus open up new opportunities.

This future-oriented scope is made possible by a coordinated team of qualified engineers from various disciplines. With their mix of skills we set new standards and are able to develop specific solutions for your individual needs: economical, advanced and efficient.