Various quick exchange systems let you refit the machine in the shortest possible time. With three different frame lengths up to 6 meters, four possible film widths (320, 360, 420 and 460 mm) and cut-off lengths between 150 and 600 mm, the SEALPAC RE20 produces perfectly shaped packs from films of all thicknesses, even in rigid film applications up to 500 microns.
In addition, all common labelling applications are supported by the SEALPAC RE20.

Thermoformer RE20 Technology

The innovative technology of SEALPAC's fully automatic RE-series thermoformers provides you with the highest standards in precision, flexibility and efficiency:

  • Innovative forming system: accurate forming of rigid and flexible films with the unique Rapid Air Forming system that requires no stamps
  • Flexible sealing die: minimized changeover times due to the sealing plate quick exchange system
  • Clean cut: powerful suction device prevents the accumulation of residual film strips
  • Reliable lifting systems: consistent sealing quality due to robust, low-maintenance and high-performance four-point mechanism
  • Secure film clamping: tight grip on the bottom film during the entire process
  • Increased output: faster cycle times due to shorter evacuation and gas times
  • Low energy consumption: very short start-up times by eliminating pre-heating
  • Reduced use of materials: perfect processing, even with extremely thin films
  • Flawless appearance: custom-specific pack shapes

Thermoformer RE20 Design

Our compact thermoformers provide easy access to all components at all times.

This simplifies any maintenance and repair operations and ensures residue-free cleaning – for maximum food hygiene. The design of our SEALPAC RE-series is distinguished by:

  • Easy access
  • Hinged and/or removable side panels
  • Stainless steel construction that can be fully hosed down
  • Sloped edges and smooth contours that are easy to clean 

Thermoformer RE20 Applications

Whether an entry-level or high-performance model, whether a small or large enterprise, whether fresh meat, baked goods or convenience products – SEALPAC packaging equipment is designed for the highest level of flexibility. As such they enable a multitude of applications – from standard and cost-efficient technologies such as flexible film vacuum packs and MAP, to complex solutions such as ShrinkStyle for more sophisticated products.

SEALPAC continuously sets new standards, particularly in fresh food applications. Innovative solutions, such as ThermoSkin® and TenderPac®, not only provide greater product safety, longer shelf life and optimal maturation processes, they also ensure efficient production, numerous logistical advantages and attractive presentation at retail.

No matter which SEALPAC thermoformer you choose – you will benefit in every respect.

Thermoformer RE20 Markets

By identifying your specific needs, and combining market trends and developments, we work jointly with you towards the optimal solution for your individual application.

Be it for meat, poultry, seafood, nuts, confectionery or even pet food – with our well-thought technical designs and technologies, SEALPAC equipment offers numerous advantages in any sector. As a food manufacturer you benefit from the highest level of precision, performance and efficiency. At retail level, improved shelf life, simplified logistical handling and increased attractiveness will lead to more sales. This makes SEALPAC machines the number one choice in fully automated food packaging, regardless of the market segment. Furthermore, continuous development of our thermoforming technology ensures that you will be able to react quickly to the constantly changing market.

Thermoformer RE-Serie Broschüre