The SEALPAC A5, which is suitable for packaging of all types of fresh food, brings together almost all the advantages of our larger equipment, but in a compact, space-saving format.

It efficiently processes all sealable materials and fully automatically seals up to 70 packs per minute, depending on tray type and application. The SEALPAC A5 stands for optimal and consistent quality.

Its compact design and low cost of ownership make it excellently suited for small to medium-sized companies, particularly in catering, that want to introduce fully automatic tray-sealing.

Traysealer A5 Technology

The innovative technology of SEALPAC's fully automatic A-series traysealers provides you with the highest standards in precision, flexibility and efficiency:

  • Reliable tray transport: secure guidance through all sequence steps
  • Digital film transport: operable from both sides
  • Clean film cut: flawless contours with the SEALPAC InsideCut system
  • Maximum product safety: adjustable sealing pressure and high forces
  • Multiple applications: the most varied packaging solutions can be produced on a single machine
  • Fastest possible changeovers: quick exchange system with integrated supply connections
  • User-friendly operation: easily understandable touch screen with a large choice of programs
  • Simple integration: easily integrated into existing production lines
  • Best information exchange: interface for external communications

Within our latest generation of traysealers, servo technology has become a standard, resulting in an extremely high level of reliability, safety and functionality – even after millions of cycles.

Traysealer A5 Design

SEALPAC traysealers stand out due to their ergonomic and highly hygienic design:

  • Solid stainless steel frame that can be fully hosed down
  • Sloped edges and smooth contours for residue-free cleaning and optimal water drainage
  • Tooling station accessible from both sides
  • Ergonomically designed machine operation with a swivelling touch screen monitor
  • Transparent covers for increased production control
  • Design according to protection class IP 65
  • Innovative tip-up protection covers allow for ergonomic maintenance and cleaning

With the latest generation of our traysealers we have once again improved their design:

  • Enhanced accessibility: optimized design due to the tip-up protection covers
  • Improved ergonomics: all maintenance and repair work can now be done at normal working height

Traysealer A5 Applikations

Whether an entry-level or high-performance model, whether a small or large enterprise, whether fresh meat, baked goods or convenience products – SEALPAC packaging equipment is designed for the highest level of flexibility. As such they enable a multitude of applications – from standard technologies such as MAP+, to complex solutions such as MicVac® and Duo® for more sophisticated products.

SEALPAC continuously sets new standards, particularly in fresh food applications. Innovative solutions, such as TraySkin® and Mirabella®, not only provide greater product safety, longer shelf life and optimal maturation processes, they also ensure efficient production, numerous logistical advantages and attractive presentation at retail.

No matter which SEALPAC traysealer you choose – you will benefit in every respect.

Traysealer A5 Markets

By identifying your specific needs, and combining market trends and developments, we work jointly with you towards the optimal solution for your individual application. Be it for poultry, seafood, nuts, confectionery or even pet food – with our well-thought technical designs and technologies, SEALPAC equipment offers numerous advantages in any sector.

As a food manufacturer you benefit from the highest level of precision, performance and efficiency.
At retail level, improved shelf life, simplified logistical handling and increased attractiveness will lead to more sales. This makes SEALPAC machines the number one choice in fully automated food packaging, regardless of the market segment. Furthermore, continuous development of our tray-sealing technology ensures that you will be able to react quickly to the constantly changing market.