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Modern, efficient opening aid for sealed trays

Do you want consumer-friendly packaging for your product that can be produced cost-effectively without great technical effort? With the EasyPeelPoint (EPP) this is possible: EPP moves the peel corner to the inside of the packaging tool and facilitates the opening of a sealed tray or thermoformed pack. The corner of the top film is pressed into a hollow and thus detaches from the sealing edge. The film is easy to grip and can be pulled off the pack intact. The system is suitable for all common packaging heights and depths, leaves standardized formats unchanged and thus does not interfere with customary logistical processes and specifications. There is no need for costly deviations from the cutting line of the line or unwanted cold sealing in thermoforming applications.

You don't need any special tools for EasyPeelPoint packaging:

they can be produced on standard SEALPAC machines with our sealing tools. Packages can be opened without tools - adding value to your product by making it more convenient for the consumer.

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