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The to-go trend continues: easy food such as sandwiches or fruit and vegetable snacks for spontaneous snacking on the go are very popular in modern everyday life. Many ready-to-eat products can only be stored safely and hygienically in a modified atmosphere (MAP) until they are consumed. Our MAP packaging preserves the freshness and quality of your product during storage and transport: the protective gas mixture, matched exactly to the contents of the packaging, protects pressure-sensitive foods, preserves the taste and delays the drying out or spoilage of products such as fruit and vegetables, in which specific metabolic processes take place during storage. Our practical packaging solutions for snacking on the go, produced on state-of-the-art SEALPAC equipment, can be equipped with innovative opening aids and reseals - for safe transport and convenient enjoyment, anytime, anywhere.

The EasyLid® resealable snack packaging for moments of enjoyment on the go is an incentive with its eye-catching visual - and is more resource-saving than comparable cup-lid packaging: Thanks to the innovative design, in which the top film of the snack packaging becomes a resealable lid, there is no need for an additional seal film – that way you save a lot of material and even an entire production step.

To match snacks made from natural products, you can use 100% cardboard trays on our SEALPAC lines, which can be sealed with an ultra-thin top film for best freshness and hygiene as well as optimised logistics.

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