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Fresh meat

A large proportion of fresh meat is now sold pre-packaged. The optimum packaging for fresh meat in the self-service area combines food safety, product protection, extended shelf life and efficient production with aspects such as optimised logistics, attractive presentation and easy-to-open properties. When developing our packaging systems, we give equal consideration to all these factors. Innovative SEALPAC technology and maximum flexibility allow you to react quickly to changing market requirements.

Our high-performance machines process bulk products such as fresh meat or poultry efficiently and reliably in large quantities.

Innovative SEALPAC packaging solutions stand for maximum protection, best product colour retention and ensure hygienic separation of meat and liquids (TenderPac with ActivStick as vacuum booster). Innovations such as FlatSkin® and eTray® enable meat packaging with a high fibre content and significantly reduced plastic use for a better sustainability and best product presentation. With our traditional skin packaging, produced using various processes (TraySkin®, ThermoSkin®), your fresh meat products will look attractive and appealing, also when placed vertically in chiller display shelves.

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