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Fresh poultry

Low fat, high protein - these properties make poultry a popular component of a healthy diet. The packaging tasks in this popular with consumer-popular segment are diverse: poultry specialities for the self-service sector, with or without bones, marinated grilled or convenience products must be hygienically packaged in a protective gas mixture to minimise the micro-bacterial risks of fresh poultry and to extend shelf life. One of the methods we use with our SEALPAC traysealers and thermoformers are modern vacuum processes perfectly suited for the entire poultry product range.

With SEALPAC eTray®, your fresh poultry products benefit from sustainable fibre-based MAP packaging with an extended shelf life.

Innovative packaging concepts such as TraySkin® seal challenging products, such as marinated poultry, secure and in an appealing way directly onto the tray – and are especially suited for vertical presentation at the POS.

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