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Processed meat

Sliced, attractively packaged and ready to go: Consumers are increasingly turning to self-service meat and sausage products - from cold cuts and sausages to pasty spread products. For this, manufacturers need packaging in many different sizes and shapes that meet equally high standards of freshness, hygiene, colour retention, safety and efficient production, as well as offering an attractive, high-quality visual appeal. Innovative SEALPAC solutions meet these diverse demands. With our MAP packaging, process-related factors such as permeation, respiration, temperature, absorption, contraction and internal pressure can be controlled best. At the same time, the modified atmosphere inhibits micro-bacterial growth, suppresses changes such as weight loss or discoloration and slows down enzymatic activities such as fat degradation and chemical changes such as oxidation. Sausages and cold cuts retain their optimum moisture content and thus their freshness.

Our vacuum or shrink processes almost completely remove the atmosphere from the packaging. Films tailored to the contents achieve a reliable barrier effect and almost completely prevent gas exchange with the environment.

They thus reliably protect your product from aerobic microorganisms and ensure long-lasting freshness and an optimised shelf life, especially for fresh food.

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