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Ready to cook, fast to warm up and tasty: convenience products or entire meals make everyday life easier for singles, families or senior citizens. Consumers want maximum freshness, the best taste and an appealing presentation. SEALPAC provides high-performance systems and modern packaging solutions to meet these demands. Whether ready-to-serve meals packaging for hot or cold filling, packaging suitable for microwaves and/or ovens for heating without removal - we have developed suitable solutions for the convenience segment that are characterized by precision, performance and the best hygiene properties and offer you maximum flexibility. Modern vacuum and shrink processes preserve ready-to-cook dishes during storage with the best quality retention over a longer period of time.

Our convenience packaging is suitable for pasteurized or sterilized food, is easy to open without tools and can be resealed when required

- from reliably sealed aluminium packaging or C-PET trays to EasyLid® cup-lid packaging.

Modern materials, e.g. highly transparent barrier films, wrap around your product like a second skin and fix it firmly in the packaging. This also enables the appealing, particularly attention-grabbing vertical presentation at the POS.

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