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The packaging innovation for sliced products puts sausage, cheese, fish and more in the limelight: FlatMap® provides a new, fresh look at the POS - and impresses with its careful use of resources. The outstanding feature is the completely new reclosure quality of FlatMap® (in easy peel version or with reclosure option, depending on customer requirements).


  • Attractive look, ready-to-serve packaging
  • Plenty of space for product information and branding
  • Plastic reduction up to 75%
  • Absolutely new reclosure quality

FlatMap® is a MAP packaging that consists of a high proportion of fibrous materials and is up to 100 percent recyclable. A study by Carbotech AG1 confirmed FlatMap®'s improved eco-balance compared to conventional packaging for sliced fresh products. Dr. Fredy Dinkel, Carbotech AG about FlatMap®:

Carbotech AG's life cycle assessment study showed that FlatMap® has a significantly lower carbon footprint than reference packaging. Can you explain that?

Dr. Fredy Dinkel: "The main reason is the high proportion of cardboard, which, as a renewable raw material, has a much smaller CO2 footprint than reference packaging, which is made only of plastic. Compared to reference packaging, which also contains paper or cardboard, FlatMap® is smaller and lighter with the same contents."

What makes FlatMap® unique compared to competitor packaging?

Fredy Dinkel: "Meat packaging needs plastics as well as cardboard. The disadvantage of such composite packaging is usually that it is difficult to recycle. This is exactly what FlatMap® has solved by allowing the consumer to simply separate the two materials and recycle them. This is a successful example of design ideal for recycling."

What do you personally find fascinating about this packaging innovation?

Fredy Dinkel: "Beyond the above, I particularly like the resealability. This means that the meat stays fresh even if not all of the content is consumed at once. It can be assumed that this will reduce food waste. As we know, the content is much more relevant than the packaging, both from an environmental and a financial point of view." More info about the company Carbotech AG can be found at: www.carbotech.ch

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