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Controlled shrink process, perfect fit

ShrinkStyle® automatically combines several technologies for more efficient packaging processes with the best product protection: a bottom film formed by thermoforming is loaded with a product and sealed with a top film by vacuum shrinking.

Your advantages with ShrinkStyle®:

  • Best product and leakage protection: shape-retaining packaging with tight sealing seams.
  • Excellent quality: lasting freshness and extended shelf life
  • Targeted ripening promotion: special films can be used for post-ripening
  • Increased productivity: efficient combination of two proven processes
  • Outstanding appearance: tight-fitting, highly transparent film with perfect fit
  • Wide range of materials: from high-quality shrink film to the cost-optimised PA/PE variant can be used
  • Easy handling: optional opening
  • More profitable and sustainable solution: cost-cutting and resource-saving through economical use of materials.

Product range: large pieces of meat, whole roasts, ham and poultry, pizza or cheese.

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