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Best quality, appealing look

For a long time, meat maturation and presentation in self-service format was not possible without repackaging. The disadvantages in terms of look and shelf life were too many. With the completely new TenderPac® system, we have opened the doors for this long-standing "direct idea". A two-chamber system separates the meat juice that is produced as intended from the actual meat product. TenderPac® helps your product to achieve a tender consistency and the best meat flavour through controlled direct ripening and is a real eye-catcher at the PoS thanks to its appetising presentation. The AktivStick serves as a juice receptacle and can be used as an additional space for your messages..

The TenderPac® advantages at a glance:

  • Controlled maturation: Tender consistency and best meat flavour - without repackaging.
  • Maximum shelf life: Best colour retention, optimum ripening process
  • Appealing look: The customer gets a real piece of meat, without dripping juice
  • Hygienic storage: Meat juice absorbed by the protected AktivStick
  • Easy handling: Full function, whether stored/presented upright or lying down
  • Maximum product protection: Secure, hard-wearing packaging
  • Reduced costs: No repacking from the ripening bag into self-service packaging

Product range: Red meat

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