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Long-lasting freshness and improved shelf life

Using TraySkin®, your product is skinned directly into the packaging tray with a highly transparent vacuum skin film and optionally sealed with a second film.

Your advantages with TraySkin®:

  • Best product and leakage protection: tight-fitting film prevents juicing and slipping of contents
  • Controlled post-ripening: targeted promotion of the ripening process through special materials
  • Headroom for extras: additional top film creates a second chamber for add-ons such as inserts, spice mixes, promotional material, etc. (MAP possible)
  • User-friendly: optional film with peel properties for easy opening can be used
  • Attractive presentation: excellent for vertical or hanging presentation at the PoS
  • Best logistics: Because of the sealing with a second top film packaging is easy to label and offers excellent stackability

Product range: beef, marinated grilled products, ready meals

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