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Traysealer A10max - The Top Class

Our system concept designed for maximum perfomance

Trimmed for top performance: The fully automatic SEALPAC A10max tray sealer in single or double lane design is geared towards high-volume production lines with maximum machine utilisation. The top class is thus the optimal system for packaging equalised, high-volume and at the same time price-sensitive products, where tray sealer performance determines the price and thus the competitiveness of your product.

The maximised features of our SEALPAC Amax tray sealer series:

  • Smarter: Intelligent control via iMode enables the machine to react to external events such as tray feed and to dynamically adjust the machine.
  • More productive: Increased line speed by up to 50 percent through sequence optimisation with iMode.
  • More efficient: Reduced energy consumption thanks to EnergyManager.
  • More user-friendly: Fast, simple and self-explanatory operation with the new navCom interface.
  • Safer and more economical: Highest hygiene standards, in the factory standard version with the highest safety certification of the German Employer's Liability Insurance Association (tested safety), as well as reduced maintenance thanks to intelligent drive management.

Performance: Depending on the type of tray and application, the tray sealing machine seals up to 180 packs/min., fully automatic and with maximum smooth operation.

Applications: The SEALPAC A10max tray sealer is suitable for all classic MAP packaging formats in the high output segment. It processes all conventional materials - from the standard aluminium tray to the new ultra-thin tray packaging for microwave and oven products. The top class also reliably produces alternative packaging applications, e.g. eTray®, Halopack, DS-Smith, Jospak etc., as well as our innovative, particularly resource-saving solutions FlatSkin® and FlatMap®.

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We implement your individual specifications and wishes: Our strengths include uncompromising customer orientation, which includes practiced customer proximity, high flexibility and comprehensive service. The SEALPAC team of specialists from various disciplines provides you with comprehensive support - from the planning of a new system to packaging consulting and regular training of your staff in day-to-day business.

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Further machines of the series and accessories

Traysealer A7max - The Allrounder

Fast and reliable packaging with the allround class

Traysealer A4max - The Primary Class

Minium space requirement, maximum tray sealer performance - ideally suited for entry into the fully automatic packaging of fresh products

Traysealer A5max - The Compact Class

The compact class among our traysealers - ideally suited for entry into the fully automatic packaging of fresh products

Traysealer A6max - The Universal Class

Our universal class offers particularly versatile packaging solutions in a small space

Traysealer A8max - The Performance Class

More efficiency and flexibility through our perfomance class

Traysealer A10max - The Top Class

Our system concept designed for maximum perfomance

Traysealer M1 - the Flexible Compact option

Thermoformer F4

Thermoformer F5

Thermoformer F6

SEALPAC AS-RS denester

SEALPAC AS-LS denester

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Magazine Denester SEALPAC MA-1200e

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SEALPAC MD-S1200 Lidding Machine

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Traysealer MX - The flexible compact one

Sealpac BDE-WEB Monitoring Programme – recording your operating data

Maximum transparency and detailed overview of your operating performance

Thermoformer RE20 – The compact system

A system for all cases: With the compact and flexible all-round solution SEALPAC RE20, which performs up to 12 cycles / min, a variety of packaging solutions can be implemented

Thermoformer RE25 – The full professional

High packaging performance, particularly versatile use: The modular SEALPAC RE25 is designed for fully professional applications.

Thermoformer RE30 – High-performance thermoforming

Perfect high-tech solution for demanding high-performance tasks


Always one step ahead: SEALPAC is among the leading global developers of innovative thermoforming and tray-sealing technology

Our innovations

SEALPAC continues to set new standards, especially in the FreshFood area.

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