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The best packaging for every product

We are a manufacturer for packaging machines and offer our customers worldwide the perfect machine for their product.

Traysealer Amax series

New dimensions

To get started with fully automatic fresh product packaging. Our Amax series is suitable for every industry and packages your products at the highest speed and great packaging aestetics.

  1. Innovative
  2. Ergonomic
  3. Versatile

High Speed Machine

Our reliable thermoformers convince with the highest degree of innovation and sustainable production.

  1. High-precision
  2. Efficient
  3. Flexible

Thermoformer RE-Series

Semi-Automatic Traysealer M-Flex

Minimum space requirement

Tray sealing of fresh products from a wide range of industries. Our semi-automatic machines integrate profitably into your production process.

  1. Flexible
  2. User-friendly
  3. Compact

Our innovations

Especially in the FreshFood sector, SEALPAC is constantly setting new standards.


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SEALPAC - market leader partner

Cutting-edge technology made in Germany - SEALPAC is one of the world's leading developers of solutions for automated food packaging. We have set groundbreaking standards with the A-Max series of traysealers. Each and every one of these high-tech systems incorporates all the expertise, commitment and personal passion of our experienced engineers.

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We make the most out of your requirements:

SEALPAC - our solution competence for your packaging requirements

High-precision tray sealers and thermoformers that offer performance beyond the standard - that is our claim for machine and plant engineering. Our customers can rely on first-class packaging results combined with very economic production. Numerous companies from very different segments of the food industry are among our long-standing customers, whom we support worldwide as a reliable partner.

Your demand is our incentive
Each of our high-tech tray sealers and thermoforming packaging systems incorporates the entire expertise, commitment and personal passion of our experienced employees. But at SEALPAC you get much more than "just" a machine: you challenge us, our know-how and our creativity every day and motivate us to give our best. This is how our applications, thought out down to the last detail, are created, making it possible to adapt packaging solutions and processes to your exact requirements and properties of your product. "Forming Innovations" is the idea behind all our developments. Under this guideline, we keep our finger on the pulse of time for you and continuously develop our technologies - in order to offer you future-proof solutions at all times that meet current trends and contemporary demands. This is our strength as one of the leading suppliers of high-tech equipment and innovative packaging solutions for automated food production.

Profitable packaging solutions
Rely on the entire package: on food packaging machines "Made in Oldenburg", which convince with performance and reliability even under extreme loads. On packaging solutions ranging from standard applications such as MAP or skin packages to innovative new developments for particularly challenging products and brands, e.g. TraySkin®, FlatSkin®, FlatMap® or eTray®. On a first-class service, realized through qualified employees as well as a high degree of in-house production, which makes spare parts and consumables quickly available. And on an investment that pays off thanks to the long service life and flexible use of our systems.

With SEALPAC you profit all along the line.

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